Through August, Chicago had already recorded as many luxury sales as in all of 2016 or 2017.  Chicago’s luxury housing market set a record for $1 million-plus sales in the third quarter. The city tallied 424 luxury home sales in the third quarter, a 19 percent increase year over year, according to the Re/Max Luxury Report for the Chicago metro area.

Discover “Newcomers and Neighbors.” There are plenty of opportunities to “Connect, make friends and have fun!”

In the early 2010s, economic development emphasized renting over homeownership and young people over families, and clustered economic activity in urban cores instead of outlying areas. This model didn’t need much from the political system. But trends in recent years, affirmed by the latest census data, show that we’re going to need a different framework in the years to come, and it’s not clear yet if the economy and political system are up to the task.

The home on lot 29 is nearing completion and is scheduled to close this month. We are 50% sold! At Edward R. James, our goal is to make the process of building and closing on your home as smooth as possible. Customers often wonder what they need to do prior to closing. Our Reservation to Residency lists the following steps:

  1. Obtain a homeowners insurance policy.
  2. Secure the services of a closing Attorney, if you intend to use one (recommended).
  3. Contact your attorney and lender to apprise them of the closing date.
  4. You or your attorney must contact the escrow closing office to verify the balance of the purchase price due at closing.
  5. Assure that you and/or your attorney review copies of pertinent closing documents.
  6. Contact all utility providers to set up your new accounts.

Additional Tips:

All closings are consummated through a builder and developer escrow at Chicago Title and Trust. If you obtain a loan, your lender must coordinate the loan disbursement through Chicago Title. The balance of the purchase price due at closing must be in the form of a certified or cashier’s check or through a wire transfer sent directly to Chicago Title. Your attorney will be provided with the wire transfer instructions directly from the title company. In addition, you must bring any required documentation that your lender requires such as your insurance policy along with proof of payment.

Autumn commences the transition into the cold and cozy winter months, while Mother Nature puts on a final show of stunning color before slowing down until the warm sunshine of spring returns.

Anets features 32 single family cluster homes nestled in a woodland setting. We think it’s the ideal location to experience the magical change in seasons.

Our Design Coordinator Michelle Gribac snapped these lovely photos. You can see the leaves beginning to change and the lovely fall arrangements in the pots around our furnished New Haven model.

As the new homeowners move-in and the lush landscaping matures, Anets Woods is truly becoming a community.

Our tagline is “Exceptional Homes . . . Exceptional Places” and Anets Woods is the latest in a long-time of exceptional developments.

Robert, Christa, & Deng Bolt chose E. R. James to build their beautiful new home in Anets Woods and have been living there since April of this year. We reached out to the Bolt family a few months later to ask for their candid feedback on the entire process.

hinsdale meadows torrington nantucket front elevation

Home purchases of $1 million or more climbed to 916 units, up +1.9% from the same period last year. For the full first half of this year, the increase was +3.2% to 1,408 units. Hindsale led the way.

The walls on our model homes are going up this week. #hinsdalemeadows #erjames

We had our fourth closing at Anets Woods in Northbrook on Friday and the fifth closing is scheduled for next Tuesday. It’s exciting to see the families move in and the development taking shape. Check out the view from the loft. It’s pretty impressive if we say so ourselves.