As the only active new construction community in Hinsdale, IL, the Hinsdale Meadows community features single family and duplex villa luxury Edward R. James homes! Every single home features a single first-floor suite, with plenty of space to work, entertain, and relax. This luxury community also features many recreational opportunities and access to local attractions and activities, perfect for families and couples alike. Browse this section of our Edward R. James blog to learn more about these home selections, their amenities, and the benefits of living here!

Luxury neighborhoods consist not only of high-class homes, but also an incredible number of activities and sources of entertainment for families and couples. Edward R. James is dedicated to helping aspiring homeowners have the life of their dreams with our luxuriously-built townhomes in Hinsdale Meadows, located just a short distance from downtown Chicago. Today on our blog we’re breaking down some of the best things to do in Hinsdale Meadows that you can take advantage of with our real estate properties! Contact us today to find your dream home!

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, you may come across a very unusual type of home as you continue your search: a new construction home. Edward R. James’ Hinsdale Meadows community is the only active new construction community in the Hinsdale, IL area, focusing on providing both new and old residents a luxurious, high-end living space to live peacefully and raise a family. Discover all the benefits of choosing this type of single-family or duplex villa home and view all our floor plans online now!