The James Difference

A Privately-Owned, Values-Driven Business Spanning More Than 60 Years.

As a family-owned business, our name and reputation are on the line with every home and community we build. We make decisions based on the long-term impact to our reputation—not simply the bottom-line. The quality of your experience, the enjoyment of your home, and the community impact we make reflect core values and a development philosophy that have guided our success for more than six decades.

Exceptional Places

harbor-guest-houseLocation. Location. Location. Whether a water-front property, a wooded parcel, or an infill location with close proximity to transportation, amenities and excellent schools, our portfolio of completed communities reflects our reputation for building in places that offer unique benefits for our customers. Our capacity to offer exceptional locations reflects our commitment to carefully designed land plans that protect a property’s natural beauty, and our use of extensive landscaping, hardscape and site amenities to enhance the environment. It’s an intensive, time-consuming process, but one that we’ve honed over six decades—an approach that offers enduring value for our customers and the communities in which we work.

Exceptional Homes

At the Edward R. James Companies, we are committed to creating a home that uniquely expresses your needs and preferences. We strive to offer elegant and contextual architecture with a focus on proportions, balance, and materials that provide strong aesthetics as well as durability. We also pay close attention to the hidden components, such as insulation, mechanical systems, and sound attenuation—features that impact the integrity, experience, and the costs of ownership. On the inside, we spend countless hours designing floorplans that offer comfort, functionality, and choices appropriate to your lifestyle preferences, whether formal/traditional or casual.


Although we take great care to provide a rich choice of standard home designs, floorplans and finishes, our company offers a system, processes, and expertise that allow you to customize your homes in ways that will uniquely express your aspirations. When purchasing an Edward R. James home, you will meet with our team of interior design professionals who will assist you in choosing from an array of structural, mechanical, material, and finish options that collectively shape the dream home we look forward to creating for you.

Exceptional Service

At the Edward R. James Companies, our commitment to providing exceptional homes and places would not be complete without a matching commitment to exceptional service. Throughout the construction process, our staff of experienced and courteous superintendents will provide you with opportunities to inspect your home at discreet points in the construction process. Once your home is completed, before your move-in, your superintendent will explain the operation of your home’s systems and note any items that may need post-closing adjustments. After your move-in, your superintendent will come back 30 days later to assure that all of the “punch-list” items have been properly addressed. And our service does not end at that point either. Within eleven months after your closing, your superintendent will again meet with you to note and address any issues that may need to be addressed as part of our warranty. Overall, our service commitment is founded on courtesy, a timely response, and doing the “right thing” to assure we fulfill our mission of providing you with an exceptional home and location that enhances your life and adds to the community in which you will live.