Why the Bolt Family Chose Anets Woods

Robert, Christa, & Deng Bolt chose E. R. James to build their beautiful new home in Anets Woods and have been living there since April of this year.  We reached out to the Bolt family a few months later to ask for their candid feedback on the entire process.  

Why specifically did you select E. R. James to build your home?

We selected an ER James development because Jerry James has a reputation of building high quality homes and working closely with clients to customize plans based on their dreams for how a home should look and feel to meet their needs and desires.  Additionally, the development into which we bought property, Anets Woods, was located in an area of Northbrook that has exceptional charm and a lot of privacy.

Which part or parts of the home buying and selections process did you find most gratifying?

We especially enjoyed working with the Anets Woods design team to customize and personalize the home design and interior/exterior selections to ensure a floor plan and look/feel that had great appeal to us now . . . and as we age.

Do you feel like ER James has delivered a home that achieved your goals?

Not only has our home been built with high quality materials and attention to detail, we feel that Anets Woods is becoming a neighborhood in which there’s a strong sense of community.  We’ve scheduled “get to know you” cocktail parties and planned other neighborhood events and activities throughout the year that will allow us to develop friendships, offer support, and leverage our buying power with service providers.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with E. R. James or not, what would you say to them?

Building a home has risks and the costs are always greater than expected. If you’re excited about having a first-class partner to build your dream house and after meeting with the Anets Woods team, you have clear expectations on the cost, then simply dive in and enjoy the process—it will consume a lot of your time for a year but you will indeed have your dream home . . . and a neighborhood full of welcoming and supportive friends!