The stacked stone walls at Anets Woods are made from field stone that we import from Pennsylvania. Each piece of stone is painstakingly chiseled by hand and then set in mortar to create a dry stacked look. Using unique materials, like dry set stone, harkens to a time when farmers created fences by stacking the stones found in their fields.

At Edward R. James, we’re known for our landscaping and hardscape. For us, using these premium materials are critical in marrying the architecture to the land.

Ed James, in the business for 60 years has a favorite axiom, ” We build to the land, not on it.” The hardscape and landscape are key parts of perfecting that goal. And when done correctly, the architecture harmonizes with nature and this offers a lasting positive experience for our buyers and the communities in which we build.

Is it easy to achieve and inexpensive? Not at all. But it’s what we think makes our business fun, interesting, challenging, and what sets an ERJames communities apart.