The home on lot 29 is nearing completion and is scheduled to close this month. We are 50% sold! At Edward R. James, our goal is to make the process of building and closing on your home as smooth as possible. Customers often wonder what they need to do prior to closing. Our Reservation to Residency lists the following steps:

  1. Obtain a homeowners insurance policy.
  2. Secure the services of a closing Attorney, if you intend to use one (recommended).
  3. Contact your attorney and lender to apprise them of the closing date.
  4. You or your attorney must contact the escrow closing office to verify the balance of the purchase price due at closing.
  5. Assure that you and/or your attorney review copies of pertinent closing documents.
  6. Contact all utility providers to set up your new accounts.

Additional Tips:

All closings are consummated through a builder and developer escrow at Chicago Title and Trust. If you obtain a loan, your lender must coordinate the loan disbursement through Chicago Title. The balance of the purchase price due at closing must be in the form of a certified or cashier’s check or through a wire transfer sent directly to Chicago Title. Your attorney will be provided with the wire transfer instructions directly from the title company. In addition, you must bring any required documentation that your lender requires such as your insurance policy along with proof of payment.