Westgate RowhomesWhen it comes to size, is a bigger home better? Not so. In fact, today’s homebuyers say it’s not size, but function that counts.

For some, a functional home might translate into an open-concept floor plan and a bedroom on the main floor or it might be lots of storage. For others, function comes from flexible spaces that can adapt to a specific lifestyle or changing needs that range from being able to keep an eye on a toddler to having spaces for slumber parties or room for grown-up kids or family to visit and maybe even stay for a while.

“Consumers really like the flexibility of having a house that can live in various ways,” says Jeff Benach, co-principal of Chicago builder Lexington Homes. “You can have five different families and you will have five different ways they are going to want to live in their house. They might buy the same house and set it up in different ways.”